H11 LED Bulbs, 40W, Pair, White


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LED Headlight Bulbs

The DDM LED Headlight bulbs are the best available.

Each Bulb uses 2 x Philips
Lumileds-MZ LEDs for a rated output of 4000 Lumens per bulb. That's almost 4 times the output of your halogen bulbs with 27% less power consumption.

The high power Philips LEDs are mounted at the correct height on a thin thermal heat sink to give the most accurate beam available out of LEDs. While remaining cool to the touch for an extended lifespan, the LED bulb alignment can even be adjusted to maximize output in a variety of housings.

As we all know heat is bad for LEDs so we've designed these with an integrated cooling fan to make sure the bulbs stay nice and cool without the need for bulky heat-sinks.

The waterproof LED driver/voltage regulator protects LEDs from damage caused by fluctuating vehicle voltage.

Say good bye to the days of needing wiring harnesses and capacitors to get brighter DRL / high beams. With the easy plug and play installation these are ideal for DRL/ high beams.

The design greatly enhances the compatibility with modern CANBUS systems making adapters almost unnecessary. We still offer these modules for some very difficult cars. Ask your sales associate if you require an adapter.

LED Type: 2 x Philips
Lumileds-MZ per bulb
Output: 8000 Lumens per pair
Color: 6000K

Waterproof: IP67
Wattage: 40W per bulb
Voltage: 10-30V
Warranty: 2 Year

Sold as a pair.

While many LEDs on the market look similar don't be fooled. All DDM Tuning LEDs use the highest quality LED chips and are designed to last.

View the Sylvania.com Bulb Lookup Guide Here (Note: We can't guarantee the accuracy of this guide, it is best to check your owners manual or physically remove your existing bulb)

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