DDM HID Kit With Slim Ballast - 35W or 55W (Xenon)

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  • DDM HID (Also known as Xenon) headlight conversion kits significantly improve your visibility
  • Our HID kits are made for any year, make, and model car, truck, SUV and ATV
  • 3 Times brighter than your stock halogen bulbs and up to 40% brighter than your standard OEM/factory 35 Watt kit
  • Available in 35 Watt and 55 Watt kits
  • Digital ultra-thin ballasts at an unbeatable price
  • 3,000- 3,200 Lumens per bulb at 35 Watt and an astonishing 4,500 Lumens per bulb at 55 Watt

  • HID wiring harness is recommended for all 55W (Except High / Low) kits and selected specific applications

  • All ballasts are AC Type
*Note* - If you are ordering H7 bulbs, please make sure to order the H7 bulb spacers if your application requires it. CLICK HERE

(For a consolidated list of vehicles that *may* require additional accessories for our HID to function properly, please visit this section by clicking here.)

If you're anything like us at DDM Tuning, you're probably looking for that next thing to add to your vehicle to give it a different, but classy touch. That's one of the reasons you're looking at our HID kits! Our high quality HID kits are perfect for anyone that wants to make their ride look up to date, as well as improve night visibility. It's a great option for anyone car, truck or SUV that didn't come with the bright white / blue headlights from the factory. You've seen those bright headlights on any current style BMW, Lexus or Audi passing by, and you've always wanted them; you just can't justify the huge dealership pricing. This is why DDM Tuning set out to create a top-quality HID conversion kit at an extremely affordable price. This kit will make you stand out and turn heads.

DDM Tuning's HID kits are made with the highest quality material, unmatched craftsmanship and top quality assurance. Every HID kit has been put through extensive testing to ensure quality. Our High / Low HID kits come with a fused relay harness and controller that regulates the High / Low beam feature. With these HIDs your vehicle will look up to date, similar to that of current model BMWs, Lexus and Audi.

Best of all, our HID kits are three times brighter than your factory headlights, which will improve the safety of you and other motorists sharing the road. Not to mention, they look much better than the factory halogen head light bulb which projects a dull yellow hue. All DDM HID kits come with our Lifetime Warranty!

HID Bulb Application Guide
HID Bulb Color Guide

Due to the power of the 55W ballast, the output is slightly washed out as seen above. We sell bulbs with kelvin ratings that range from 3000K to 12000K. 3k being yellow and 12k being the bluish in color. The most popular color we sell is 6000k. That would be described as white with a hint of blue. For maximum visibility, we would recommend staying within 4500K-6000K. The closer the color is to natural sunlight, the more you will see on the road.

HID Bulb Color Guide Output

You will lose visibility when going towards 12000k. Most people who do 10000-12000k are going for a specific look. The Ballast are what controls the brightness of the output while the bulb will reflect the color of the light.

Note: All projectors can vary in color. Our colors are true to our description. Bulb colors can appear to be different based on outside factors, such as the type of headlight you are putting them in and they way the light is being reflected or projected out of them.

Read more about kelvin rating and bulb color

Our kits are sold for every make and model, only dependent on your bulb type. We do not know the bulb type for ever car, but we highly recommend looking in your owners manual, or popping out a bulb and referencing it to our visual HID bulb guide to find out what bulb type you have.

Hi/Low kit? Certain vehicles have a single bulb that has a low and high beam function inside of it. Most vehicles have a separate bulb for low and high, but for vehicles with a low and high beam in the same assembly, we sell those as well.

The Sylvania bulb guide is to be used as a resource, it is the best on the internet, but it is not always 100% accurate. We can not guarantee it is accurate, nor will re send you 'correct' bulbs if the ones sylvania told you are incorrect.

HID Kits for any car, truck, or SUV. Finally, a great priced, slim ballast, fully digital, HID kit available in 55w and 35w.

Fully digital, draws less than 6 amps at start up and 3.4 amps at normal operating temperature. This system provides 3200-3400 Lumens at 35 watts and an amazing 5000 Lumens at 55 watts per bulb. In comparison, a typical halogen bulb produces 900-1200 lumens.

All kits use AC bulbs and ballasts for increased reliability and lifespan.

What is the difference between 55w and 35w kits?
Our 55w HID kits are 40% brighter than the standard 35w kits.
The 55W system ballasts are about 1 cm longer than the 35W ballasts.
55w kits tend to wash out some of the color of the HID bulb due to the light output( for example, a 55w 8000k will look similar in color to a 35w 6000k kit).
Our 55w HID Kit is not recommended for smaller light housings because they tend to concentrate a large amount of heat in a small area.

Full HID Kit Includes:
- 2 DDM Digital Slim ballasts
- 2 HID Bulbs
- Life-Time Warranty

*High / Low kits come with a fused relay harness and controller that regulates the high / low operation* High / Low bulbs use an electromagnet in the base to move the bulb from the low to high beam position so it's HID Low and HID High beams.

Will this HID kit work on my vehicle? Simply put, yes; we have our own bulbs, not sold anywhere else, in every bulb type. Be sure that the kit itself will work with your cars electrical systems, some modern cars requires BOWs and harnesses in order to run at 100%!

Install Guides
Click HERE for a list of cars that have common problems

Do these lights have any warranty? Yes! We warranty all our HID Kits by a lifetime warranty!

Why DDM Tuning? Aside from the best prices, we carry all of our HID Kits on hand. We have the most advanced phone system and online help desk in the industry, and it is set up to provide every customer with quality service. Aside from offering a LIFETIME warranty, we have the most detailed install guides for every modern bulb type, and are constantly updating our help desk to better serve our customers.

Use the relay harness to connect HIDs to cars with very small gauge wiring that cannot supply the initial surge current required to light the bulbs reliably. May be needed for vehicles where the daytime running light is being converted to HID. Relay harness is not needed for High / Low kits as they come with a relay harness.

Recommended for all 55W HID installations but most American and European cars work at 35W/55W without the harness. The harness is definitely recommended for Quad's and other ATVs or when running multiple HID installations. This harness is a fused relay isolation harness capable of supplying 40A at 12vdc.

**Some D2R/D2S applications and retrofits will require the H1 to 9006 adaptors and may require you to cut and splice these to the factory wiring if the original application does not use a 9006 connector.
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35 Watt or 55 Watt Slim Ballast with HID Bulbs
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"These are awesome. They are very bright I have the 35 W, 3000K ones for my fog lights. Obviously the amount of glare you'll get depends on what kind of housing you put them in, but my fog lights hardly glare at all. Absolutely fantastic. Worth every penny."



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