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  • DDM HID (Also known as Xenon) headlight conversion kits can significantly improve your visibility
  • Increase safety by being more noticed
  • Our HID kits are made for any year, make, and model motorcycle
  • Up to 40% brighter than your standard OEM/factory 35 Watt kit
  • 55 Watt and 35 Watt options to choose from
  • Digital ultra-thin ballasts at an unbeatable price
  • 3,200- 3,400 Lumens at 35 Watt and an astonishing 5,000 Lumens at 55 Watt

If you're anything like us at DDM Tuning, you're probably looking for that next thing to add to your vehicle to give it a different, but classy touch. That's one of the reasons you're looking at our motorcycle HID kits! Our high quality HID kits are perfect for anyone that wants to make their bike look up to date, as well as improve visibility at night. It's a great option for anyones' motorcycle that didn't come with the bright white / blue HID headlights from the factory. DDM Tuning set out to create a top-quality HID conversion kit at an extremely affordable price. This kit is sure to make you stand out and turn heads.

DDM Tuning's HID kits are made with the highest quality material, unmatched craftsmanship and top quality assurance. Every HID kit has been put through extensive testing to ensure quality. You are sure to make your motorcycle look up to date and you'll be safer. You'll be hard to miss!

Best of all, our HID kits are up to 40% brighter than your factory headlights, which will improve the safety of you and other motorists sharing the road. Not to mention, they look much better than the factory halogen head light bulb which project a boring yellow hue. All DDM HID kits come with our Lifetime Warranty as well!

Order this system if you are just upgrading ONLY your low beam or high beam headlight function and this consists of a single headlight with a separate headlamp for high beam.

You can't buy a system with a smaller ballast. Fully digital, draws less than 6 amps at start up and 3.4 amps at normal operating temperature. This system provides 3200-3400 Lumens at 35 watts and an amazing 5000 Lumens at 55 watts per bulb. In comparison, a typical halogen bulb produces 900-1200 lumens.

What is the difference between 55w and 35w kits?
Our 55w HID kits are 40% brighter than the standard 35w kits.
The 55W system ballasts are about 1 cm longer than the 35W ballasts.
55w kits tend to wash out some of the color of the HID bulb due to the light output( for example, a 55w 8000k will look similar in color to a 35w 6000k kit).
Our 55w HID Kit is not recommended for smaller fog light housings because they tend to concentrate a large amount of heat in a small area.


Full Kit Includes:
- DDM Digital Slim ballast (1)
- HID Bulbs (1)
- Life-Time Warranty
**Make sure you select your OPTIONS**


If you do not see your bulb type on the drop down menu, please see below.Many bulbs are interchangeable.

Headlight Bulb Cross Reference:

9003 or HB2 bulb can be referenced to H4.
HB1 bulb can be referenced to 9004.
HB3 bulb can be referenced to 9005.
HB4 bulb can be referenced to 9006.
HB5 bulb can be referenced to 9007.
9008 bulb can be referenced to H13.
9145 bulb can be referenced to H10.
5202 bulb can be referenced to H16.
880 bulb can be referenced to other 800 series bulbs.


*Please keep in mind, certain vehicles may require you to run additional accessories for the HID kit to work properly.*

Click here If you have questions about what bulb type your application takes.

For Commonly Asked Questions about HID's and Articles about common cars with issues refer to:
Knowledge Base

Difference between Raptor Kits and DDM Kits:
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Bulb Application Guide: (you can use this as a reference for Factory Headlights)
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Click here to see what each HID bulb looks like.

HID Install Guides


Bulb Application Guide
Temperature Color Chart


Note: On extremely large vehicles, such as full size pickup trucks, using Hi/Lo kits, it may be required to extend the Hi/Lo wiring harness that runs to your headlights. The standard harness may not be long enough due to the extended size of the engine bay.
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Customer Reviews:

Don't take our word for it...See what others say:
"Just swapped the lowbeam for a 35w 5k kit. it's awesome. Totally plug and play, much brighter than my stocker 55w was. i did have to trim the little plastic piece that nests in the housing. it's square and needs to be round to fit. not a big deal at all, trimmed it with plyers. i'll be swapping out my highbeam with a 55w kit soon."



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