Porsche Panamera V2 Style Shrouds, 3in, Pair


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Add a little style to your projector retrofit with our Porsche Panamera inspired shrouds. The Panamera V2 shrouds have a flat top and bottom while the Panamera V1 are a fully circular shroud.

These shrouds are a direct fit for the D2S Projectors but will require the use of the Centric Rings for use on the H1 and IFX projectors. We recommend using a little silicone glue to securely hold these in place to make sure then never vibrate loose.

Depending on the size and shape of the housing you're using these in you may be required to trim the shroud to fit the curvature of your housing.

Unlike other Alternatives, these shrouds can withstand the heat of 35W and 55W HID systems without warping and the durable chrome finish will look great for years to come.

Mounts with: Centric Rings / Glue

Height: 113mm / 4.49in
Width: 133mm / 5.25in
Depth: 55mm / 2.17in

Sold as a pair.

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