Raptor 35W PSX26W CSP W


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RaptorLED Headlight

The DDMRaptor LED Headlight bulbs are an improvement on our Lynx 35W LEDs.

Each Bulbuses 6 x Seoul CSP LEDs for a rated output of 5500 Lumens per pair withcrisp 6000K color. That's over 3 times the output of your halogen bulbs with 35%less power consumption.

TheRaptor has a more accurate beam pattern and compact base to fit most applicationswith ease. The plug and play connections are more durable and these LEDsare built to last even longer. There is no need for a wiring harnesses andcapacitors to get brighter DRL / high beams. With the easy plug and playinstallation these are ideal for DRL/ high beams.

As we allknow heat is bad for LEDs so we've designed these with an integrated coolingfan to make sure the bulbs stay nice and cool without the need for bulkyheat-sinks.

Thewaterproof LED driver/voltage regulator protects LEDs from damage caused by fluctuatingvehicle voltage and will not generate and electromagnetic interference in theelectrical systems that can cause feedback through the radio.

Thedesign greatly enhances the compatibility with modern CANBUS systems makingadapters almost unnecessary. We still offer these modules for some verydifficult cars. Ask your sales associate if you require an adapter.

LED Type:6 x Seoul LED per bulb
Output: 5500 Lumens per pair
Color: 6000K
Wattage: 35W per bulb
Voltage: 10-30V
Warranty: 1 Year
Sold as a pair.

Whilemany LEDs on the market look similar don't be fooled. All DDM Tuning LEDs usethe highest quality LED chips and are designed to last.

Viewthe Sylvania.com BulbLookup Guide Here (Note: We can't guarantee the accuracy of this guide, it isbest to check your owners manual or physically remove your existing bulb)

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