H1-V2 Bi-Xenon Projectors, 2.5in Lens w/Shrouds


Details & Product Specs

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The DDM Tuning V2 Projectors are what retrofits are made for. Each projector is hand picked to ensure the highest quality.

Beam Pattern:
Perfect light distribution will give plenty of light on the road in front of you. Wider hot spot for a more general beam that will put more light on the ground below the cutoff vs our V3 projector which is designed to give more distance.

Lens: Optically clear Grade A glass. Only the best lens is used for these projectors.

Lens Holder:
Make of a high temp nylon / fiber glass composite to withstand up to 220 celsius (438 F).

We use a large (strong) magnetic solenoid that will pull the high beam shutter all the way to allow more light output when on high beams. With the larger solenoid we designed a deeper high beam that will illuminate further down the road.

Reflector Bowl:
After casting the mold each reflector is polished smooth to remove any imperfections then coated with a high temp chrome coating that is again polished to a mirror finish to reflect more light forward. The chrome coating can withstand the heat from both 35W and 55W HID systems without burning or yellowing over time.

H7 and H4 plates are included at no charge to allow for easier installation. Our threaded collar is 15mm long to limit modification needed to stock headlights during installation. Comes with rubber gaskets to properly seal the projector in place.

All DDM Projectors come with a lifetime warranty.

Kit includes:
2 x H1 V2 Projectors
Mounting Hardware (H7, H4 plates)

Height: 78.6mm
Length: 136mm

Product Reviews

Best projector for the money. Great output and beats anything out there for under 50

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