Dual Relay HID Harness


Details & Product Specs

Our Dual Relay HID Harness uses dual input relays that will connect to both the left and right side of the vehicles wiring. It's designed so both relays send power to both lights. What does this mean for you? If in the extremely unlikely even 1 relay fails, both lights will still function as normal and you won't be left in the dark.

Designed to supply proper current and voltage to the HID system by using the stock wiring as a trigger for the relay. Plug and play use with all DDM HID kits (as well as most on the market)

Power is drawn through TWO 40A relays to allow both ballasts direct power from the battery through a fused power wire.

We recommend using an HID harness for the following applications
- When using a 55W HID kit
- If the bulbs being replaced are also the DRL's (Daytime Running Lights)
- Older Vehicles (pre-2000)

Wire length from relay:
Power: 32 inch
Ground: 7 inch (grounded at each output)
Input / Output 1: 18 inch
Input / Output 2: 68 inch

This harness is not needed when installing a High / Low HID kit.

Use this relay harness to connect HIDs to cars with very small gauge wiring that cannot supply the initial surge current required to light the bulbs reliably. Symptoms indicating the harness is required would be intermittent starting or lights going out after being turned on for several minutes and requiring you to turn the lights off and back on for them to turn back on again.

The wiring is protected by a durable mesh covering to protect against wear.

1 Year Warranty

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