DDM HID Kit - 35W or 55W


Details & Product Specs

The DDM HID kit is one of the best selling HID kits in the world. First introduced in 2006, the DDM HID Kit is the original slim HID kit on the market. Since it's introduction we've made improvements to continue offering one of the highest quality kits available at an amazing price.

Standard Bulbs: UV Coated quartz glass from Philips, salts from APL USA and electrodes from Shyaer.

Upgrade to Ultra Bulbs for $5/kit: The Ultra HID Bulbs are quite simply the best. Modeled after the Osram CBI line of performance bulbs we've sourced quartz glass from Philips, sales from APL USA and electrodes from Plansee in Austria. On top of this we've redesigned the capsule to produce up to 20% more light than the standard Apexcone HID bulbs which are already and industry leading bulb. The quartz glass is optically clear with a UV coating to protect the headlights from UV radiation. The warm up time on the Ultra bulbs is about 20% quicker than Apexcone bulbs and will reach full brightness in 10-15 seconds.

Ballasts: Each ballast is assembled using micro processors to have a smaller footprint and insure the highest output. All DDM ballasts power the bulbs with AC current to keep efficiency high and power consumption down. Universal 9006 input works with most OEM ballasts but some will require additional H1 to 9006 adaptors to power ballast. Each ballast is potted to protect against the elements and can withstand the vigorous abuse of off-road use. Internal circuits are protected against reversed polarity.

Compact Design:
35W Ballast: 63mm wide, 15mm tall and 83mm long
55W Ballast: 68mm wide, 17mm tall and 106mm long

Wiring / Connectors:
All non OEM HID bulbs come with Plug and Play adaptors to go between the factory wiring and the ballast (or HID Accessory) so there is no cutting or splicing needed. Industry standard AMP connectors are used to attach the bulb and ballast.

The bulbs and ballasts are designed to last about 3000 hours, that's over 8 years if used every day for 1 hour. Regardless of usage time we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all components in the kit.
All DDM Kits have been and will always be sold with a Lifetime Warranty.

Kit Includes:
2 x Ballasts
2 x HID Bulbs
2 x Adaptors (when required)

Note: This is a non-Canbus HID kit. If your vehicle requires Canbus system, or you have DRL (daytime running light) built on your low beam or high beam, you would need to use a Canbus 35W HID kit instead, to prevent/address any compatibility issue.

(For a consolidated list of vehicles that *may* require Canbus HID kit or additional accessories for our HID to function properly, please visit this section by CLICKING HERE.)

View the Sylvania.com Bulb Lookup Guide Here (Note: We can't guarantee the accuracy of this guide, it is best to check your owners manual or physically remove your existing bulb)


1)H11A / H11B Bulb
Our regular H11 bulb is H11A. However, we do carry H11B bulb too. If you need H11B bulb, after placing order, please give us a call at 858-633-2020, or send us an email right away through Support.

2)H11 bulb, Straight base / 90 Degree Angel base
Our regular H11 bulb is of straight base. However, we do carry H11 bulb with a 90 degree angel base. If you need the one with a 90 degree angel base, after placing order, please give us a call at 858-633-2020, or send us an email right away through Support.

3) H7A /H7B Universal bulb
Our older Ultra H7 bulb inventory is H7A. However, our newer H7 bulb inventory has switched to H7A/H7B universal replacement!

4)- Lexus Fog Lights (2013 up)
- Nissan Fog Lights (2016 up)
- Subaru Fog Lights (2013 up)
- Toyota Fog Lights (2013 up)

- For those vehicles mentioned above, fog light bulbs marked with the following: "H16" "12V 19W" "64219L " This is a 19W halogen bulb that has a very similar base to the H11. Do not use HID's in these applications, the housings are made of a soft plastic and may melt with 35W HID kits. Please check the bulbs before ordering. Using an H11 LED bulb is recommended.

Known Issues

Product Reviews

Over all very happy with this HID kit I've had this kit installed in my 2006 Nissan Altima since Oct,1, 2015. I ordered the 35Watt 5000K H1 kit with relay harness. NO FLICKER or start up isses even when its been -30 here in Ontario Canada.
Great Item I will purchase again.

Great product and great price. I put a 55w, 3000k kit for 880 bulb in my fogs on my 96 dodge ram 2500. They are so bright they make my headlights look like a candle. I can finally see well at night!!!

I've heard very good things about this kit from my buddy, I've had great experiences with their customer service, they answered my questions right away, and are very professional. I highly recommend!

I've used these kits on all my vehicles and haven't had a single issue since the first one I purchased back on '09. Highly recommend, can't beat the price or performance.

When I first got my first DDM HID kit 55w/5000k for my Low Beams, it came with a bad ballast. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. DDM replaced it and the replacement has performed great since. The difference between my stock High Beams and the DDM HID Low Beams was amazing. My Lows were 1000 better than the Highs yet to oncoming traffic they were of no problem for them. I have since added a 55w/5000k kit to my High Beams and a 35w/5000k kit to my Fog/Driving Lights. I'm loving the extra light output, especially on these dark country roads that I live on almost a hour from the city. I'd attach a combined pics comparison pic if I could for you to see the difference.

These are awesome. They are very bright I have the 35 W, 3000K ones for my fog lights. Obviously the amount of glare you'll get depends on what kind of housing you put them in, but my fog lights hardly glare at all. Absolutely fantastic. Worth every penny.

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